Softcard for Windows Phone – Now Available

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Windows Phone Softcard

Softcard Wallet

Softcard for Windows Phone is now available. The digital wallet formerly known as ISIS, created by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.  There has been alot of good and bad buzz about Softcard and the whole re-branding of the digital wallet. but lets take a look at what it actually does. After installing the Softcard app on my Lumia 1020 and opening the app I got this message immediately, “To Use Softcard, your phone needs a different SIM card. We can Help you get one.” My gut reaction to this message was, this is the show stopper for me and I will not be using Softcard. But that is beside the point, lets look at the traction Softcard has going for itself.

Windows Phone - Softcard

Retailers 200,000 Strong Support Softcard

Basically there are about 200,000 retailers across the U.S...

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Nokia Lumia 830 Here & Now

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Microsoft Lumia 830

Microsoft Lumia 830

From the first time the Nokia Lumia 830 landed in my hand I said, yes this is the new daily driver, and here is why! The phone feels very comfortable in my hand, I would say even better than my current Nokia 1020. the 830 comes with 2 back covers Black and green in the box….I’m sure everyone has been reading the reviews about the 830 around the Internet, well it drops tomorrow, 11/7/2014 at your local AT&T store, some of the stores already have it out on display. So drop by your local AT&T store and play with it and you can buy the device out-right also $400 and some odd dollars, if your like me and do not want to extend your contract another 2 yrs.

Also my source at the time said the Lumia 830 was the first device to come with Windows Phone 8.1...

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Whats Beneath the Microsoft Band?

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Microsoft Band

After listening and reading all the buzz about the new Microsoft Band and realizing that you can load your Starbucks card and pay for your coffee with it. My mind began to wonder and think about the possibilities Microsoft is really thinking about. As a developer I immediately thought of what my company could develop for the band, and the hunt was on! of course I did not have to look far find the answer! Mary Jo Foley had already answered the questions for me.

A Microsoft spokesperson said “a comprehensive SDK (software development kit) will come online early next year,” for the Microsoft Band”. The same spokesperson also said, “there is no OS” inside the Band. “It runs on Microsoft’s wearable architecture (firmware), optimized for low-power micro-devices...

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The Dual SIM Unlocked Windows Phones No One is Talking About – BLU HD & BLU Win Jr.

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Have you ever heard of BLU? I have and many have not, well let me introduce you to the BLU Win HD Windows Phone. When I was in the local Microsoft Store I was looking for either a unlocked device or AT&T device to use for development testing. I was looking at all the “famous” brand name devices and then I saw BLU….BLU HD
This 5-inch WVGA display 8MP camera / Dual SIM device sat quiet yet looked very appealing. So I picked it up and began investigating this pretty little thing. I talked to a Microsoft Store rep and asked about it, which he immediately called to another associate who actually was using the device personally. he began to tell me he bought the device to stand in the gab while the screen on his Lumia 1020 was being fixed.

He began to tell me about the speaker quality and how...

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Finally! A wearable I will use – Microsoftband

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First let me say this, I was not into wearable’s until now. Microsoft has just delivered a wearable I actually will buy and use daily. The Microsoftband hit the streets and has sold out across the country already.  Your best bet is to order online or get on the waiting list at your local Microsoft Store. Now for the details of the band and some wonderful tech you can expect.

At just 2.12 ounces the MSband looks great and feels like your wearing a watch. The design is sleek and actually looks nice on your wrist.  64MG of internal storage and powered by the ARM Cortex M4 MCU processor...

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Microsoft Names New CEO – Satya Nadella

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Well folks the wait is over! it’s offical Microsoft has named Satya Nadella as the new CEO of the company. Nadella is a 22 year Microsft veteran that was in charge of the cloud and enterprise divisions at Microsoft. There was alot of buzz running a muck on the web about who would take the out going Steve Ballmers plays. Many were hoping that Bill Gates himself would come back and lead the company into the future, but that aint going to happen! Actually Bill Gates will be stepping down as Chariman of the Board and work closely with Nadella on new technology. And John Thompson will take over as Chairman of the Board.

This sould be exciting times for Microsoft and a new chapter into the Adventures of Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox One, Surface and more! So congradulations to Mr...

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Lenovo Miix 2 Tablet is 8 inches enough?

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Is a 8 inch Tablet enough to spend the money on? Well after the Surface hit the streets last year and I bought both RT and Pro. I began wondering if any of the hardware vendors were going to go head to head with the iPad mini and drop a 8 inch Windows 8 Pro tablet into the market. After the slow in my opinion but steady build up of Windows 8 that question is now a no brainer! The question now is which brand to buy, HP, Dell, Lenovo and so on. well I started searching and touching the various options.

i really won’t go into detail of the other offerings other than to me it was all about feel. I wanted a 8 inch tablet that didnt feel cheap or fragile in my hands...

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Office Remote – Control your Presentation with your Windows Phone 8

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Office Remote is just that! Except it runs on your Windows Phone 8. Office remote is a remote control for your PowerPoint presentations that also works with Excel Spread Sheets and Word documents as well. I just this handy application for a large presentation I was giving for our new mobile application coming to market.

Everything went smooth as silk! Actually I find using Office Remote to be pretty intuitive and did not really have to look down at my phone to see what I was doing. What is pretty amazing is when you click the button to go to the next slide you feel a small vibration, letting you know you clicked the button.

This great app connects to your laptop or tablet via Bluetooth. In my case I was using my Surface Pro, running Office 2013 Pro Plus...

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IE11: Not your typical Internet Explorer

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I’ll be the first to say it: there was a time that when I would be presented with a new computer or a new Windows install, the very first thing I would do is download another browser like Firefox. Internet Explorer was slow, boring, and brought nothing new to the table. Internet Explorer was about as interesting as a lecture on dirt being delivered by the guy who does voice overs on C-SPAN. Every time I would use Internet Explorer, I would just think “There has got to be a better way.”

Then when Internet Explorer 10 rolled out, I was told that it was different. I was informed that it was faster and actually felt like an improvement. I had recently installed Windows 8 on my computer so it was already there...

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The ONE Tour you don’t want to miss! Xbox One

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Xbox One is hitting the road with four decked out tricked out Xbox One Trucks! You can meet the Xbox One truck at a Test Drive Stop near you. Test drive the new Xbox One and play some of the new games released for the anticipated upcoming Xbox One gaming console on November 22. Details of the road tour can be found here. This is a great road show for the Xbox One months before the release date. Also there are Area One Parties you can attend to experience the Xbox One live and in person. (Area One Parties for 18+ years old and you must provide proper ID.

There are a total of 36 events across the United States and Canada...

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